Govt Medical Colleges in Tamil Nadu

The list of Government Medical Colleges in Tamil Nadu is provided here. There are about twenty Government Medical Colleges with a sanctioned strength of 2650 seats.

Sl.No Name of the college Total seats AIQ seats State quota seats
1 Madras Medical College, Chennai 250 38 212
2 Stanley Medical College, Chennai 250 37 213
3 Kilpauk Medical College, Chennai 150 23 127
4 Chengalpattu Medical College, Chengalpattu 100 15 85
5 Madurai Medical College, Madurai 150 22 128
6 Thanjavur Medical College, Thanjavur 150 23 127
7 Coimbatore Medical College, Coimbatore 150 22 128
8 Tirunelveli Medical College, Tirunelveli 150 23 127
9 Mohan Kumaramangalam Medical College, Salem 100 15 85
10 KAP Viswanatham Medical College, Trichy 150 22 128
11 Vellore Medical College, Vellore 100 15 85
12 Villupuram Medical College, Villupuram 100 15 85
13 Thiruvannamalai Medical College, Thiruvannamalai 100 15 85
14 Dharmapuri Medical College, Dharmapuri 100 15 85
15 Thiruvarur Medical College, Thiruvarur 100 15 85
16 Sivaganga Medical College, Sivaganga 100 15 85
17 Theni Medical College, Theni 100 15 85
18 Tuticorin Medical College, Tuticorin 150 23 127
19 Kanyakumari Medical College, Kanyakumari 100 15 85
20 Omandurar Medical College, Chennai 100 15 85
Total 2650 397 2253

Apart from the above there are two ESIC colleges – one in Chennai and another in Coimbatore. Admissions for 65% of its seats is also done through TN govt admission process.

In addition to this there is one Government Dental college and about Seventeen Self financing Dental Colleges in TN.

In the above list, the first three colleges are the top three medical colleges in Tamil Nadu . The next seven colleges can be termed as Tier I medical colleges. Rest of the colleges can be mentioned as Tier II medical colleges. The admission process of all these colleges remain the same.

The All India Quota (AIQ) seats is filled through AIPMT/NEET till last academic year and this year also will be done in the same manner only. Students from throughout India, including TN are eligible to compete in this quota through AIPMT/NEET.

The state quota seats is filled by the state govt admission authorities and till last year admission is based on 12th board marks. Only TN state domicile students are eligible to compete in these seats. This year, (2017 admissions) the admissions will be based on NEET 2017 and not through the board marks. However only Tamil Nadu state domicile students will be eligible for these seats and not other state students.

There is a bit of misunderstanding and miscommunication about the above part. Many people (wrongly) assume that since the admission are  done through NEET, other state students also might compete for the state quota seats. It is not so. State government quota remains with the state govt and only the admission process is changed.