NEET 2018 – TN Medical admissions and the continuing issues

In the first week of July, the TN Medical admissions for the state quota went underway. Students ranked based on their performance in NEET 2018 was called for the counseling. The counseling went smoothly and seats were filled up in all the Govt colleges and in the Govt quota of the private colleges.

Just when the students and parents who completed their medical admissions in the TN medical colleges took a sigh of relief, comes a bombshell from the courts. The Madurai bench of Chennai High Court pronounced a verdict in favour of a set of students who took NEET 2018 in Tamil, by directing CBSE to award 196 grace marks, as the Tamil translation of the original questions are wrong or misleading. And the court has asked to publish the rank/merit list again.

Naturally this has caused a lot of anxiety among the students and the parents. How this ruling will impact the admission process that got over ? All the students have reported to their allotted colleges and have paid their first year fees. Academic classes are expected to start by August 01, 2018.

Needless to say, CBSE is not going to follow what the Chennai HC has directed. They are expected to go for appeal in SC by today or tomorrow ( July 11 or 12, 2018) to counter the verdict. TN govt also has said that it will react based on the CBSE action/decision.

Since the matter is in court we cannot speculate what is going to happen, but we cannot avoid mentioning that CBSE has failed its candidates miserably once gain. There are translation errors, few are very horrible (like Cheetah being translated as Seetha) which could have been avoided if the translation team was more professional.

With due respects to court, awarding 196 marks as grace marks for about 25000 students also sounds too generous and bordering on absurdity. If it happens it will completely alter the rank list and the allocation and the resultant confusion will be huge. Also not that the 3000 odd students who are already allotted a college is going to take this hands down.

So what are the alternatives ? First, this 196 marks has to be reviewed. If it is blindly followed it will have a drastic impact in the rank list and allocation which is not desirable. CBSE and the courts has to arrive at a meaningful grace/compensation marks and then it has to be applied. Need to find out how many of the students who took NEET 2018 in Tamil will be the actual beneficiaries, i.e how many of them will get seats based on the additional grace marks. If the numbers are reasonable they can be accommodated as additional students in the colleges based on their marks.

Whatever be the decision, the important thing to consider is – it should not impact the already selected students – none of the already selected/allotted students should lose their seats. While getting a medical seat in a govt colleges is such a difficult proposition, snatching the same after the allocation will be cruel to the students.

2 thoughts on “NEET 2018 – TN Medical admissions and the continuing issues

  1. Well written. Yes, the usual suspect CBSE has just spoiled the party.

    Having known there is an issue with the translation, they should have reacted and taken some measures to correct it after the exam. Even, they could have called for a retest for the affected students separately. But, they were lethargic and as the Court has rightly pointed out “they showed a boss approach”.

    While CBSE might still argue that their English version is correct, it is important to put ourselves in the shoes of the students. Again, I appreciate the words used by the Court here. We cannot assume that a translation from “Cheetah” to “Seetha” (instead of Siruthai) could have been understood by every student.

    However, awarding 196 marks to all the candidates defies logic. Seems the Court has given the verdict in anger against the careless attitude and behaviour of CBSE. It is not possible that all the 20,000+ candidates would have scored 196 marks even if the questions were clear and crisp.

    CBSE might still move SC and get away with it, like they have done in the past. But, it is sad that CBSE continues to provide ammunition to the TN politicians in their fight against NEET. I am glad that CBSE will not be involved in NEET from the next session. Looking forward to better times.

  2. Thanks for the valuable comments. Appreciate the same.

    Agree that CBSE should have conducted a separate re-test for the affected students only, after fixing the issues in the translation. Would have been fair to all the parties involved. Maybe it is too much ot expect from CBSE.

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