NEET 2018 – Expected Cut off Marks in the State Quota – after publication of Rank List

The expected cut-off marks in NEET 2018 State quota 85% for the Government Medical Colleges, category wise in Tamil Nadu is provided here. This list is arrived after publication of the Rank List by the TN Medical admission authorities.

Please understand that this is more of a guess-estimate based on the available data and the visibility we have based on the publicly available information. We arrived at this marks based on the analysis of the last year marks, last year actual allocation of seats, this year actual performance . There will be a margin of error as we cannot be absolutely sure of the students choices. All standard disclaimers apply.

TN Govt Medical Colleges NEET 2018 expected cut-off marks – Category Wise

Sl.No Type OC Cut-off BC Cut-off MBC Cut-off SC Cut-off SCA Cut-off ST Cut-off
1 NEET 2017 Closing Cut-off 374 311 251 206 169 173
2 NEET 2018 expected cut-off range 415-420 360-365 305-310 260-255 210-215 205-210

The cut-off of the TN Govt Colleges category wise in NEET 2017 is provided below

TN Govt Medical Colleges NEET 2017 cut-off marks – Category Wise

The cut-off of the NEET 2017 TN Govt Medical colleges, college wise is provided below :

TN Govt Medical Colleges NEET 2017 Cut-off marks details

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