NEET 2017 – TN State Board Students set to lose seats to TN CBSE Students

Chennai, Jan 22 2017.

In a small but significant analysis, NEET for TN, ( ) an information blog site for NEET aspirants focused on TN,  claimed that in the coming NEET 2017 medical entrance exam, Tamil Nadu state board students are set to lose significant number of seats to the CBSE students from the state.

The analysis states that the past (2016) and the current batch (2017) of TN CBSE students are better equipped, trained and prepared to perform relatively well in the NEET 2017 exams than that of the state board students. It further added that the state board students have the disadvantage of different syllabus, lack of  preparation knowledge about the competitive exams and the approach to the learning itself. The full blog post can be accessed from here :

NEET 2017 -TN State Board students may lose seats to TN CBSE students

Initially when NEET was made mandatory, people were apprehensive about the TN college seats going to the other state students. But it was made clear that the 85% of the seats  remains with the state and only state domicile students are eligible to apply for the same. It will be a surprise and shock for many to know that there will be a such intense competition from the CBSE students of the state itself, they further added.

NEET 2017 is the mandatory entrance and eligibility exam that needs to be taken by all the medical aspirants across India.

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