NEET 2017

NEET is a game changer for the medical aspirants in Tamil Nadu. Last year (2016) students were lucky enough to escape writing the NEET. This year (2017) students are not so lucky, they have to face the NEET 2017 exam . Not only this year, in the coming subsequent years too .

There has been heated (but muted) debate in TN media about NEET and how it is unfair to TN students. Political parties and social activists did not want NEET for TN. But the ruling party didn’t do anything for that and so there is almost 100% possibility (unless something drastic happens) that NEET will happen this year. Whether the political parties like it or not, whether the students prefer it or not. let us face it , NEET will be the mode for selecting the medical students for the MBBS course this year.

So, what is the big deal, entire India writes it, why not TN ? There lies the catch. TN students are at disadvantage in writing any entrance test, leave alone NEET, as the state engineering and medical admissions are based on 12 th board marks and not based on entrance test (from 2006 onwards). This really puts them at the disadvantage because, their reading and learning methodology is not suited to prepare and write competitive exams.

So, what can be done to correct or rectify it ? All hope is not lost. And certainly no need to panic. NEET opposers have been creating panic among the students and the parents by stating that TN state medical seats will be taken by other state students. It is plain wrong. There is no change in the number of seats available for admission for the TN domicile students. And there will be no change in the reservation of seats too. Except for the admission process (which is a huge change) all else remains the same .

Infact by writing NEET TN students will have an opportunity to give a shot at the additional 3000 odd seats available nationally (as All India Quota seats).

This site will try to provide as much information as possible for a medical aspirant from TN (not that the information is different for rest of the states students) , but the focus of the site will be predominantly to help students and parents to understand and crack NEET.

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