TamilNadu Medical admission merit list display and counseling postponed

The merit list display of the TN medical admissions scheduled on July 14 and the subsequent counseling planned on July 17, Monday is as of now suspended. The stay was pronounced by the Chennai High Court, hearing petitions from the CBSE students on the TN government’s GO with respect to the seat allotment for state board students and CBSE board students. The GO envisaged 85% quota for the state board students and 15% quota for the CBSE students in the state quota (85% of the total govt seats) of the TN govt medical colleges. 15% of the govt medical seats is already earmarked for the All India Quota also known as AIQ 15% quota.

While the CBSE students oppose the GO, state govt defends it saying that state board students need protection because of the syllabus variants. The verdict is expected on Friday and in all likelihood challenged further irrespective of which side it favours.

The stakes are high for both CBSE students and the State board students. If the court approves the TN govt’s stand, needless to say, it benefits the state board students enormously as students with relatively low NEET marks are also expected to get seats in the govt colleges. For CBSE students, the GO is a shocker to say the least. In the last four to five years when the TN medical admissions were based on 12th marks they were not even able to a single seat in Govt medical colleges. Now when they thought they had a decent chance to get seats, the Government Order came as a dampener. From a window of about 2500 seats the total no of seats is reduced to about 500 and a group of students who could have got seats has to leave empty handed.

As per the data available in the public domain, around 186 students from TN has crossed 500+ and around 565 students has scored between 400 to 500. We don’t have the breakup of state vs CBSE boards in this data. But if the 15% restriction to CBSE students are applied, CBSE students who had a chance of getting a seat earlier, especially students who are in the range of 400 to 500 now may not get.any seat at all.With about 186 students who are above 500+, someone with 580+ marks (40+ state rank ) but studied in CBSE board may not get MMC, the top ranked college in TN.

For atleast about 200 to 300 CBSE students this change will be brutal – from getting an assured seat in a college to not getting a seat at all. The only crime they have done is to study in the CBSE board.

With respect to state board students, their complaints are different. They were constantly misguided by the politicians that NEET will not be there and thus they could not decide whether to focus on board exams or NEET exams. Most of the schools have not focused on eleventh standard portions also which added to the problem. (XI portions constitute 50% of the NEET exam syllabus). Irrespective of all this, the irony is, the TN state topper in NEET is a state board student.

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  1. sir what is the chance of getting a medical seat in govt medical college if the candidate (cbse)scored 392 in neet and belongs to sc community

  2. what irony you see? before posting anything collect the details first..the tn state topper completed his 12th in 2015 and he studied in aakash institute..the real irony is in the previous years there is no govt seat for cbse students in 85 percent quota but this year within it they gove 15 percent to them..they should understand this as there benefit.they joined the cbse board knowing that they have chance only in 15 percent aiq quota before the neet exam came in..so they should be happy as their elders in peevious years who studied in cbse got no seats at all.if you find something wrong reply me admin.

    • State govt or State board students are not doing any favours to CBSE students. State board students does not have exclusive rights for the medical seats in TN. There is no rule which says that there is separate quota for CBSE or State board students in the previous years. The reason CBSE students couldn’t get seats is because the State board students got higher marks in 12th board than them. They could not match the 200. 199, 198 marks as it is very difficult to score such high marks in CBSE. Moderation also does not help. And state govt didn’t bother to give any reservation for CBSE students at that time – leave alone 15% not even 5%. Then why now only ? Even now there is not reservation for CBSE students in the Engg. admissions. If they are fair they should give reservation for CBSE students in Engg admissions also.

      1. If they wanted to give quota for CBSE students, they should have informed it earlier – not after the exams and certainly not after the results (the GO was backdated to escape legal scrutiny).
      2. Both CBSE and State Board students took a year break (like the topper you have mentioned) and studied in a coaching institute – certainly they have an advantage over the current year students – why target the CBSE students alone here ?
      3. NEET exam includes the portions both from 11th and 12th. It is common knowledge that state board students ignore 11th and study 12th only. Their performance would have surely improved if they have studied 11th portions also.

      • the same i am asking you say the cbse students cannot match their marks in the previous years so by the name of neet the situation turned upside down.i agree that cbse students should have equal right in the seats..but just simply reply me why most questions in neet were from direct lines from cbse book(ncert).is that correct.the syllabus and portions were 11 and 12th but ncert is very important..fitst ask cbse which conducts neet to take questions from different books and that will be the best knowledge test.if you dont agree with this search on internet how to clear neet all answers will be like cbse books are the bible for it and so and so…

        NOTE: Highcourt rejected the reservation GO..now what about my point should we the stateboard studnets put a case that the very basis of neet is wrong..we cant..it cant stand against…if you find something wrong reply admin..

        • i can assure you that by simply reading cbse biology book many times one can easily get 300 out of 360 in biology but the same will never happen with stateboard books before conducting a all over entrance the books should be changed as our state still follow the old syllabus and books..if i sound annoying or sonething unpleasant i am sorry for that…

        • cbse students studies their +2 syllabus only on +2 but most of the stateboard students(especially the toppers) study only +2 syllabus both the year. is this the main reason for today’s problems? is this not an injustice to the rural state board students(who study for one year)?

  3. 15% reservation for CBSE is against State board students as 84000 of state board students have appeared for NEET out of which more than 4000 students are repeaters who have undergone coaching in Rajasthan, Kerala and AP. These students of state board has scored good marks. By this the cut off marks of CBSE will be much lower than State board as 4000 CBSE students appeared in NEET and they get reservation of 500+ government seats. Only 2000+ government seats for 84000 state board students who had appeared in NEET 2017 is against natural justices. Actually this 85% – 15% is against state board students. They should only go to the court

  4. Except for the news report, above 600 is 29, above 500 is 156 and above 400 is 565 & in the Madras HC Judgement on 14th July, advocate general of TN stated before the judge that in the top 300 ranks only 76 student’s of state board come the remaining 274 is garnered by CBSE students. No other data is made available on public domain.

  5. CBSE students learnt the same NCERT book for two years, but we (State board students) learnt it only for 2 months, so it is unfair to compare the ‘Eligibility’ of students.So I feel there is nothing wrong in giving 85% of seat to TN state board students. Sorry if I`m wrong

  6. it is unfair that current state board students are claiming that repeaters had gained advantage ,do you know how much mental agony they would have undergone by sitting back one year and working hard relying that NEET would be the only way to medical admissions in 2017,you people have nothing to loose ,you believed in wrong propaganda and misinformation spread by politicians in tamilnadu and now screaming to scarp NEET and want to snatch away the seats simply by mugging up 12th std syllabus for two years. All these media’s only said that a medical law was amended and that NEET is compulsory from 2017 on wards etc, you people along with the politicians slept all these days only now at the last moment crying unjust this that . instead of voicing to scrap neet you should have questioned why the syllabus of tamilnadu state board was not revised all these years ,the whole country has adapted accepted NEET except tamilnadu including the backward states or north east,do you mean to say that they all have only CBSE schools.if at all we believe justice still lives TN should not be given exemption.

  7. All these protests and agitations should have been done last year itself when an ordnance was passed last year exempting tamilnadu from neet only for one year.every kept mum all these days applied and appeared for neet tried their luck and now since the results went otherwise these people are shouting unjust etc, If at all a exemption is given that should be only from next year on wards ,this year admissions should be based on NEET only.

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