NEET 2017 – Admission process in Tamil Nadu for medical seats

With less than twenty days to go for NEET 2017 UG exam, finally some realization has come in TN that NEET is certain this year. TN medical aspirants has to write NEET to be considered for medical admissions. All the talks of exemption to TN on NEET has died its natural death now.   Not sure who and what made this collective confusion and uncertainty, but right from August 2016 (when NEET bill was tabled in parliament) neither central govt nor CBSE or courts gave any indication of exemption to TN on NEET.

The opposition was from TN side only and it was never taken seriously by the central govt. Parents and students, though they are confused, know that NEET is going to happen. Number of students applying for medical admissions in TN almost doubled this year. The increase in no. of applications clearly show that there are higher chances of students getting seats through NEET rather than that  based on 12th board marks only.

Even though the admission  has to be through NEET, union govt has indicated that it is up to the state govt to define the admission process. Any additional reservations and the likes can be devised by the state govt or the concerned bodies to ensure a smooth admission process. Since now it is clear that there is no way that NEET is going to be repelled, the admission authorities might come up with some compromises to complete the admission process.

It might be one or more among these are something else :

  1. No change in admission process, admission based on NEET marks only.
  2. Separate reservation for rural students
  3. Seat allocation based on pro-rata basis, for state board vs other boards including CBSE – a la Gujarat model .
  4. Ranking based on weightage
    1.   60–40 model like how IIT did its ranking till last year. 60% weightage for NEET and 40% for 12th board marks,
    2. Another weightage model – Rankings based on both NEET and board marks – 200 Marks – 40 to physics, 40 to chemistry, 80 to Biology and 40 to NEET. Convert the board marks and the NEET marks based on this model and then do a ranking.
    3. Follow the earlier method followed in TN for the professional college admissions – 200 marks for PCB, 50 or 100 marks for the NEET Entrance. Arrive at a ranking and then allocate seats based on that.

Personally I prefer direct NEET admission or (4)  above.

TN health ministry which oversees the UG admission process, need to decide on this and come with the instructions soon.

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  1. Alternates (4), (5) & (6) are all same. Only the weightage varies. In (4), it is 60:40; in (5), it is 80:20 & in (6), it is 80:20 (50 marks) or 67:33 (100 marks). So, they are all same.

    (2) is complicated and difficult to implement; there are chances of manipulation by candidates.

    • In normal circumstances 12th marks need not be considered. But considering state board students have not prepared adequately, weightage to 12th board marks might give them a comfort level. This is suggestion only. Not sure how it is going to pan out. As on date the admission has to be through NEET marks only

  2. Is option 3 even fair? I mean, come on. There are medical aspirants from all the boards. Approx 94% of the seats to students from state board and the remaining 6% seats to students of other boards..? This is highly illogical. I, for example chose ISC afraid of the rote learning method of the state board and I only get a 6% opportunity to fulfil my dreams of becoming a doctor?

    • I have a small doubt.In Gujarat HC cancelled pro rata.But in our state, Central Minister JP sir said that “The state can give reservation to the state board students”.By looking in that way if the HC of TN cancelled the pro rata basis means also we can implement Pro rata by amending a new law for pro rata with the help of central government as they have said that they will support.I think in the last situation TN government will implement this.I dont know whethre my assumption is correct or not.Pls comment your views…….

      • Basically what JP Nadda said to my understanding is within the 85% you can give special quota for the rural students as they were mostly telling that the rural students will be affected most. I don’t think he meant about the pro-rata system. Since we already have a judicial precedent of cancelling the pro=rata system as invalid I don’t think TN govt will think about it. The best approach could be to go for a weightage system.
        In the give political situation in TN, creating a new law and getting it passed with the central govt is not going to work out.

    • All kind of rumours are floating around. Some said even NEET is exempted for this year. But the Govt’s only reaction is, “We are still writing letter to PM seeking exemption”. I think they should accept the fact that the NEET is here and start discussing about the modalities of admission.

  3. Whatever may be the stand of the Govt of TN ,it is subjected to the legal scrutiny.First of all the claim of protecting the candidates studied from Govt school is far from truth.Hardly any body who scored near 300 in NEET 2017.The candidates who claim who scored high I.e above 500 are either droppers who took special coaching after studying in uniformed syllabus(Matriculation school) or those studied CBSE till 10 th then switched over to State board just to score high(200/200).My question to the state is whom they are going to favour? Studied in matric school and those who dropped a year and took special coaching or switched over State board after 10 th from CBSE?.Pl don’t do anything in haste,analyse and come out with viable method where by all students mainly the Govt school get its share of doctors.Submitted for understanding of policy makers.

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