NEET 2017 -TN State Board students may lose seats to TN CBSE students

CBSE  v State board students

From 2006 to last year, i.e 2016, the medical admissions and engineering admissions in Tamil Nadu have followed a set pattern. Admissions in state govt institutions – both medical and engineering colleges are dominated by the state board students. Admissions in central govt institutions (IIT and in All India quota of medical colleges), CBSE students used to dominate.

The reasons are obvious. Admission to state govt institutions are based on 12th board marks, whereas admission for the central govt institutions are based on entrance tests. State board students mostly focused on performing well in the 12th final exams to get the maximum marks.

TN CBSE 12th board students do well understand that their chances are much higher and better in Central Govt Institutions, than in the state govt institutions. So, for Engineering they focus on JEE and other All India exams and for Medical they focus on AIPMT/NEET. Among the medical aspirants the competition is intense for the 15% All India quota (AIQ) in the state govt medical colleges.

Seat Availability in Medical Admissions

This 15% AIQ seats is filled by the centralised counseling .  TN Govt Medical Colleges (except for the top one or two medical colleges)  are among the least preferred colleges by the other state students during All India counseling. Medical aspirants among South India states only will prefer TN and we can safely say the majority of the AIQ seats is taken by the TN students, and that too by the TN CBSE board students.

So, the 400 (397 to be precise) seats available as AIQ seats is the safe bet for the medical aspirants from the CBSE board. Deducting the surrendered seats from this AIQ and accounting for few other state students, we can conservatively estimate about 300 students getting admitted every year from TN CBSE board in the TN govt medical colleges.

Seat Availability
No of seats available through AIQ 400
No of seats available through state quota 2250

For each student admitted, there will be atleast 2 to 3 students who would have lost the seat narrowly. In other words, for about 300 students who are admitted, there will be atleast 6oo to 900 students who would be just marginally lower in the rank. Every year, because of lack of other options these students (students who have lost the seats marginally) might have joined other courses.

But this year (2017) , because of NEET being the qualifying exam for even the state quota, (the remaining 85% of seats other than AIQ) some of the students who could not get admissions last year (2016)  are waiting to take the NEET exams again this year. On a conservative estimate we can put this number as around 400. Add this to the current year sure shot prospects of 400 students and another 400 students as wait listed candidates, we have around 1200 students from TN state CBSE board who have high chances of qualifying in NEET.

Of this 1200 students , the top 400 students will go through AIQ for their admission and the remaining 800 students have the option to go through the state quota. So for roughly about 30% of the seats, already well prepared and studied CBSE board students have an edge over that of the state board students.

Likely Performance by CBSE Students in NEET 2017
Repeat TN CBSE board students who are likely to qualify 400
Current year CBSE board students who are likely to qualify 800
 Total TN CBSE board students who are likely to qualify  1200
TN CBSE board students who are likely to get seats in AIQ quota 350
TN CBSE board students who are likely to get seats in state quota 850
Remaining Seats available in state quota 1400

So effectively, in the state quota seats, about 850 seats will be predominantly taken by the state CBSE students. These  are direct loss to the state board students. The remaining 1400 odd seats also will have competition from CBSE students for the state board students.

This has nothing to do with the ability of state board students vs CBSE students. The advantage of CBSE students over state board students is because of the better awareness and the early preparation. For NEET 2016, the serious CBSE students would have started the preparation from 2014 itself and for NEET 2017, from 2015 onward itself.But the same thing cannot be said of state board students. This lack of preparation coupled with the difference in syllabus, learning and teaching methodology has put the state board students at a distinct disadvantage over CBSE students.

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9 thoughts on “NEET 2017 -TN State Board students may lose seats to TN CBSE students

  1. Who is at fault for not upgrading the state board syllabus for 12 years.why cannot the central govt which insists on NEET also impose a same text book for the entire country from +1 this year and then conduct NEET.why keep students in TN in dark as to what to read for 2 years.

    • Valid point, but the same problem exists for the other states too. The syllabus actually does not favour any particular board including CBSE as the syllabus is framed by NCERT/MCI. But surely CBSE students have a edge because CBSE follows NCERT frameworks for most of the subjects.

      Actually the syllabus is not the real issue as more or less for all the boards it is same – infact Maharashtra and Jharkhand syllabus is supposed to be harder than CBSE. It is the teaching and learning methodology that makes the difference and of course the additional coaching that a candidate can afford.

  2. If the purpose of NEET is to prevent capitation fee see what has happened in TN last year in manegment quota of private medical colleges.any one with a higher cutoff is not admitted there unless he pays capitation fee by different names either officially or may go UpTo 1 crore.the what noble purpose is served by NEET.

  3. Every one in TN from ruling party to officials in department of health ,all in 3 AIADMK govts which we had in the last year never advised any one in the state to apply for NEET.they just repeatedly said what former cm Jaya has said that NEET will be exempted in TN.if there were in doubt why they was no advisory to TN medical aspirants from officials like secretary to Heath Mr.Radhakridhan or health Minister MR Vijaya bhasker asking the students to any way this not a deliridiction of duty*?…I invite comments

    • State govt don’t have control over NEET. It is CBSE which conducts NEET and state govt is responsible for admissions only. Former CM never told NEET will be exempted. Infact around Aug 2016, the indications are that TN will go for NEET as govt was mentioning about start coaching centres for rural students. Subsequent statements are mostly political. Agreed that there was some confusion from the state govt as state govt never openly endorsed NEET and requested the students to prepare for the same.

      But that cannot be taken as excuse. It is up to the students and parents to be vigilant and careful and take a call. We have also warned in this site to be careful about applying to NEET.

      As on date, the indications are that there is very little chance for cancellation of NEET for TN. It is going to be conducted as per schedule.

  4. Before the elections after the elections and in the governers address when Jaya clearly mentioned not only there will be EXEMPTION to NEET for one year but there will be a permanent excemption to can we think that a poor rural student will log on to your account and think that there will be NEET when a living cm who they see daily declares from the assembly that there won’t be NEET.even today the new cm has said that pm modi has promised to excempt NEET .What do you day.see any channel in Tamil today.So many laws regarding jallikattu was passed.but it was over come by people power.did the SC do any you want the interests of 3000 CBSE students be preserved at the cost of 3 lakhs of state board students.last year NEET had only 3questions from state remember that.

  5. In one NEET exam there was question on criduchat syndrome which is actually a question for pediatric PG is ,5p-syndrome which am sure any one who is reading this may not recollect.wonder what saddisim is this in asking a MBBS aspirants about criduchat …You can contact any doctor in medical college and verify for am a doctor.

  6. Sir I am student of this academic year who has attempted NEET and waiting for the results. I got my Tamil Nadu state board results. My cut off goes to be 197. I expect 312 in NEET but I know this mark is insufficient for the seat. Just because of time factor I am being neglected from the course. I feel very depressed. After 2 years of hardworking and lots of sacrifices, fate has made me end up into this situation. Sir if really feel concerned for students like me, please try to insist the state government make good decisions through any possible way. These politicians keep fighting for their own wealth and prosperity and leave students like us and their parents under pressure. I expect a convincing reply with a solution for this sir. Sorry if I have used harsh words.
    Thanking you

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