NEET in Tamil Nadu – Myths and Facts

As Tamil Nadu medical aspirants brace themselves up for preparing and writing the NEET 2017 exam for medical admissions, lot of wrong facts, myths, truths and half-lies have started floating around. It is time to get the facts right and the students should focus on the core job – prepare and write the exam well. We will try to clear some of the major doubts that has been raised.

Rumour Facts
 Due to NEET, all the seats in the TN medical colleges is open for all. Other state students will corner all the seats.  This is absolutely wrong. There is no change with respect to the seats. As in vogue earlier, 15% of the seats in TN medical colleges is for All India Quota (AIQ) and the balance 85% seats is available for state quota. There is no change because of NEET.
State Government reservation policy cannot be used. Wrong. States can continue using their reservation policy as applicable for the state quota seats. For the AIQ seats, central govt reservation rules will apply.
CBSE students of TN can compete only in AIQ seats. State quota seats is exclusively for State board students.  Wrong. All state domicile students are eligible for the state quota seats irrespective of the board they studied. They have to satisfy the domicile rules only.
NEET may be cancelled this year. Like last year, in the last minute there will be lot of protests, state govt will ensure that NEET is deferred or exempted for TN. Highly unlikely. In the last year ruling SC have made clear that all the medical admissions with the exception of AIIMS and JIPMER has to be through NEET. Almost all the states have accepted for NEET and are planning for the same. Any exemption for TN has to come through an ordinance which is highly unlikely. In short, NEET 2017 is surely going to be there and the TN medical admissions will be based on that. Be prepared.

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3 thoughts on “NEET in Tamil Nadu – Myths and Facts

  1. Why not punish our ministers for misguiding the TN state board students right through the year.why not the supreme court,the central govt not uttering a word when TN state Assembly passed a resolution in Jan 2017 asking for excemption to NEET.WHY ARE UNION MINISTERS FOR HEALTH,HRD ENTERTAINING TN MINISTERS IF RULE IS SO CLEAR

  2. Fair questions. SC might not intervene on every actions of politicians, ministers etc. But as you said, somebody in authority could have categorically told that there is no or very little chance of removing NEET only for TN state.

  3. I am tamil nadu matric board students. The students here always support NEET. Only politicians oppose. TN Students love NEET

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